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Disclaimer: this site is totally unrelated to another organization with the same name.
While we support secular education our purpose is purely religious

The idea of this website started after we realized that there is quite a number of people out there that were born in Orthodox families and later experience a crisis. After meeting the big world out there they realize that the very basic beliefs they inherited may not be true. From being uncertain and doubtful at first they sometimes become convinced that are beliefs turned out to be false. They start feeling the words of Yirmiyahu apply to them: Ach Sheker Nachalu Avoseinu. The reaction is usually very traumatic. Many of these people are quite vocal in describing what they went through. Ultimately the result in many cases is total abandoning of faith and any traditional observance. In addition this often leads to divorces, custody battles and estrangement from home. In the end after the dust settles many of these people are still unhappy.


A number of organizations were opened around the world to help those former Orthodox Jews to adjust to new life. The creators of these organizations are usually people who themselves went through a similar experience. We donít blame anyone who chooses to give up faith but our purpose is to provide the alternative. We will not try to persuade anyone to do anything. The direction one chooses to follow is ultimately his or her own choice and we respect that. However we want to discuss some of the less explored choices. What are these alternatives? Read on.

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